Tips for working in team 2019


What differs us from mediocre developers is not only our experience but also how we treat customer and eventual other team members.

1. Don't complain, be constructive

"This framework is not good, I don't like it, we will re-do everything" 

The developers in their guts are most of the time controlled by their power of creating new things and being always right. If you are consultant and you come in the middle project and  you see technical debts, sit down, listen and watch some time. Maybe there are some reasons why is it as it is. If you are willing to change it - the customer needs to know WHY, not just WHAT.

"I am seeing that your deployment process is not effective and can be optimised. We can implement these features (...) next sprint and it can bring you better time-to-market and reliability".

You as a developer / consultant have been hire to change things, not for complaining.

2. Understand the product lifecycle

"I will not approve the pull-request because it is not optimized for quazilion users!"

Study features and roadmap of the product and ask if anything not clear. Talk to PO what are the upcoming priorities if not clear. For example If customer plans to release version of the product for testing for customers who agreed to be part of the beta testing or tech trial, features are not supposed to be 100% ok. Nothing is in fact.

"We can test this feature, but let's create a task in backlog about optimization of the algorithm, if the feedback is positive about the functionality".

3. Be a real part of the agile process

"I ignore dailies and refinements, its boring and useless. I don't prepare any tasks for sprint planning, they will give me something"

To be customer-oriented it means to have overview over what your team is doing, what are its blockers, pay attention to refinement, update the JIRA board. Even if you are remote.